Simple Effect

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after we know about how to making object, giving colour, making line no in this session i will share using simple effect with easy way but look so wonderfull
lets see :D

to use this effect, you can click on blend tool

it will be showing many kinds of effect which you can choose
 this is blend tool
to make effect blended with blend object by creating a progression of intermediate object and colors or make 2 object and put parallel after that pull object 1 to object 2

then this is countour tool
apply a series of concentric shapes that radiate into or out of an object

distort tool
transform object by applying push and pull, zipper or twister effects

drop shadow tool
apply shadows behind or below objects

envelope tool
change the shape of an object by applying and dragging the nodes of an envelope

extrude tool
apply 3d effect to object to create the illusion of depth

tranparency tool
partially reveal image areas underneath the object

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