Basic Component in Corel Draw

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hello :)
i wanna share you component in corel draw, this is basic before we make design with corel
lets know about icon and the function :)

Standar Menu
STANDAR MENU, having icon that common in use
a = new - start new documen
b = open - open document that available in file
c = save - to saving file with standard save type
d = print - to printing file
e = cut - cut something
f  = copy - copy something
g = paste - paste something
h = undo
i  = redo
j  = search content
k = import
l  = export
m = aplication launcher
n  =welcome screen
o  = zoom level
p  =snap to
q  =option

tool box
1-pick tool
2-shape tool
3-crop tool
3-zoom tool
4-freehand tool
5-smart fill tool
6-rectangle tool
7-ellipse tool
8-polygon tool
9-basic shapes tool
10-text tool
11-table tool
12-pararel dimension tool
13-line conector tool
14-blend tool
15-eyedroper tool
16-outline pen
17-fill tool
18-interactive fill tool

Pallete Box
- for choosing colour

Mirror Icon
left side   = Mirror Horizontaly
right side = Mirror Vertically

Angle of Rotation
potrait - landscape
footer - to setting pages

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