coloring object

Diposkan oleh aulia azmi masna

object looked good when complete with colour
with corel draw we can coloring many object with many effect
so lets see :)

to colouring the object using icon "fill tool" in toolbox
just click and will be showing choices

Fill Tool

-UNIFORM FILL it is comand for simple coloring. just use one color in pallete toolbox

pallete toolbox

- FOUNTAIN FILL it is for making gradation effect, dont forget to change the type 
Fountain Fill Type Liniar
Fountain Fill Type Conical
Fountain Fill Type Radial
                             Fountain Fill Type Radial

- PATTERN FILL it is colouring with patern manything konds of type which you can choose

TEXTURE FILL just like pattern fill but in here just using with template that available

enjoy and good luck :)

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